PowerSchool’s Newest Certified Service Partner

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Education, PowerSchool

PowerSchool has become synonymous with modern education. As our world shifts further into the digital age, every corner of our lives are being made more efficient, more automated. At the core of this movement in education lies PowerSchool, a leader in classroom innovation. As the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12 schools, PowerSchool serves more than 32 million students in over 70 countries. Built to advance the security, power, and growth of data systems in classrooms, PowerSchool is making a real difference in the lives and education of students.

To help successfully launch, manage, and train such a broad audience of K-12 schools on the PowerSchool platform, the company taps highly qualified, effective companies to become Certified Service Partners. These partners work directly with schools and districts to help them make the most of PowerSchool’s robust technology solutions. Until recently there was only one in the entire country.

That’s why our team is so proud to announce that Macro Connect has been named PowerSchool’s newest Certified Service Partner. To be one of just two partners is very exciting, especially as the only one east of the Rocky Mountains. After working with PowerSchool’s solutions for so many years it’s very rewarding to have a more formalized partnership. As a Certified Services Partner, Macro Connect becomes PowerSchool’s exclusive partner for supporting its Student Information System in the state of Michigan. The credential also gives Macro Connect a leadership position throughout the region to help more schools secure student data, empower teachers, and drive growth in student success.

PowerSchool Implementation

One of our primary responsibilities in the PowerSchool universe is implementation of the system itself. Most prospective PowerSchool users are paired with a project manager who guides them through a thorough sequence of discovery documents and forms. How many teachers do you have? How many students? How many classes do students take? How do you grade their performance?

This discovery process helps PowerSchool identify the true needs of the school or district so they can be matched with the best deployment solutions. While this on-boarding team is very dedicated and skilled, it helps to have someone close to home, with experience and first-hand knowledge of your education landscape. Someone who knows the state education laws, the community dynamics, and the expectations of families. Someone who can visit the school in person and speak with all the various stakeholders about their needs and concerns.

Local Area Experience

For the state of Michigan, Macro Connect is now a local, experienced project manager who can apply local deep knowledge of the area’s education system to the setup process. Macro Connect has worked with over 300 different schools and school districts in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. That has given us a firm grasp of what these communities, schools, students, parents, and administrators need from the PowerSchool platform. After our initial meetings with school leadership, we stay involved through the installation process. We make whatever customizations are necessary and install the necessary add-ons. Whether it’s a registration system or Individualized Education Plan tools, Macro Connect has the experience and skill to integrate it into your PowerSchool environment. It’s a great honor to know that PowerSchool trusts us with this responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Regional Customizations

Until recently one of the largest charter management organizations in the country, Charter Schools USA managed all of their PowerSchool instances at the national level. But last year, their Indiana schools decided that a more localized deployment might be better. It would give them greater flexibility to customize their Student Information Systems to meet Indiana’s local requirements. Macro Connect stepped in to manage this transition. We implemented a new PowerSchool instance, migrated historical records, and set up the new environment to the Indiana group’s standards.

Professional PowerSchool Training

The best technology in the world won’t help if your staff doesn’t know how to best use it. Macro Connect’s team of PowerSchool experts meet with your teachers and other administrators to give them the practical training they need. We can conduct live virtual training, meet you at your school, or even host you in our office. We regularly invite our teachers and other users into our home at Hunt Street Station. It allows us not only to conduct individualized training, but to make personal connections with users and hear first-hand how the system is working for them.

Navigating an Upgrade to PowerTeacher Pro

University Prep Schools and its nine campuses recently made the transition to PowerTeacher Pro. We wanted to avoid any confusion with the new interface and to make sure teachers could truly leverage the new features. To accomplish this, Macro Connect provided multiple, customized days of onsite training to start the school year.

Macro Connect is that local partner, familiar with your unique challenges and environment. Our years of experience in the Midwest, especially in Michigan, give you what you need to achieve your greatest potential on the PowerSchool platform.

Dynamic & Personalized PowerSchool Support

We also provide personal, ongoing technical support for school and district PowerSchool managers. It doesn’t matter if their title is Data Manager, PowerSchool Administrator, or Data & Assessment Coordinator, we have it covered. And let’s not forget the teachers. If a teacher reports an issue or is having a hard time with one feature or another, we are there to provide the training, support, or correct the problem. There’s nothing we love more than visiting our schools, meeting the people using the systems we install, and helping them make the most of what it has to offer.

PowerSchool Keys to Ownership

All schools and school districts are different. That’s what makes implementing and managing a Student Information System such an exciting challenge. So sometimes it’s not about big, flashy features, but the small customizations that let each entity’s unique character shine through.

Reporting Customization

We believe that reporting is a school’s best sales tool for recruiting new students and parents. It’s more than just a list of letter grades. Rather, it’s an opportunity to highlight the differences in curriculum, emphasize certain values, and showcase a more well-rounded picture of competency-based learning. And because every school is different, these reporting systems should be different for every school. Macro Connect can help make those customizations so that everyone can see how your approach to developing students meets a parent’s vision for their child’s education.

David Ellis Academy West identified a need for their report cards to reflect the evolving needs of their instructional model. Specifically, this meant having the Gradebook and report cards reflect the use of standards-based grading. Macro Connect worked alongside their administration to develop custom templates that synced up instruction and reporting for parents, teachers, and school leaders.

Reliable Local Expertise

PowerSchool offers a unique and valuable opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience on their robust platform called PowerSchol University. This intensive 4-day seminar is an incredible PowerSchool educational experience that provides hands on training and one-on-one assistance with specific questions. Everyone would go if they could, but time and geography can often be a barrier. It’s another reason the Certified Services Partner program is so valuable. If you’re a Macro Connect partner, you can tap into what you missed as part of our ongoing service to you. Plus, our team is available year-round to offer training, support, and on-site assistance for you and your teachers. Of course, you’re still able to attend PowerSchool University. Just know that when you work with Macro Connect, that reliable expertise is available to you every week of the year.

Considering PowerSchool?

If you’ve been considering a switch to PowerSchool, this exciting new certification should give you great confidence if the level of service you will receive. Each member of the Macro Connect team participates in over 100+ hours of professional development so that we can maintain expertise in every feature of the systems we support. And for those of you in Southeast Michigan or Detroit, know that we’re right down the street. We take great pleasure in out ability to provide the kind of in-person service and support you deserve. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and see what PowerSchool can do for you!