Outsourced CIO Data Leadership

C-Suite level School Data leadership and strategy at a fraction of the cost

All schools deserve the very best leadership in Data Management, but many smaller schools and districts do not have the payroll to support someone with executive-level experience. Macro Connect has developed a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) service that provides access to a highly experienced technology leader without the full-time payroll expense. Our vCIOs will meet with your leadership team to provide strategic recommendations about your data practices. A vCIO will empower you with tools, ideas, and vision to keep your students and administration ahead of the curve.

Strategic Leadership

Our expert vCIOs provide an expert voice to your data management, strategic planning and budgeting process. Having worked with many schools and districts, each vCIO brings a wide range of practical experience that can offer your team best-practice ideas that have proven effectiveness. When you involve a Macro Connect vCIO in your leadership team, you get all of the knowledge of a high-level School Data executive without all of the cost.

PowerSchool Environment Auditing

PowerSchool is an incredible school management system. Is your school using PowerSchool to its fullest? As part of the vCIO support service for school districts, our Certified PowerSchool Service team will conduct periodic audits of your PowerSchool environment. They will compile the results of that audit into a comprehensive report, highlighting all the areas you’re doing well, and detailing the places where you could make some improvements or squeeze more value out of the system.

Periodic Meetings

Macro Connect vCIOs meet with your leadership team on a regular basis – depending on your needs. We take an active role in guiding your strategy from one year to the next to ensure continuity throughout the long-term process of developing great Data Management practices.

Let’s Get Started!

Do you wish you had a better vision for your school’s Data Management? Do you need a more experienced voice in your planning and budgeting discussions? Do you want a more thorough understanding of your current IT capabilities, gaps, and opportunities? A Macro Connect vCIO can help provide your school or district with sound analysis and recommendations so that you can maximize the value of your School Data to support your students.