Pupil Accounting

Making sure you count every student, every time

You take attendance every day, whether you’re a Charter Elementary School, a Public Middle School, or a private High School. Daily attendance helps you know your students are in a classroom, learning. But on Count Day, attendance counts for much more. Beyond ensuring the safety and success of your learners, your school or district uses the Count Day results to secure about half of your funding which pays teacher salaries, new educational technology, and all the operating expenses to keep the doors open.

Administrative staffing can be a challenge, especially in specialized roles like Pupil Accountants or Compliance Officers. If you only need them at select times of year, it can be an expensive short-term hire. Macro Connect has these areas of expertise staffed year-round, so we’re always available to roll up our sleeves and help. Our team of Pupil Accounting experts is led by board members of the Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association, an organization that promotes best practices and provides training related to data management and attendance accountability in Michigan Public Schools.

Whether you need help preparing ahead of time, reviewing results on Count Day itself, or preparing data for submission afterward, we have you covered.

As the fall opening of schools arrived, [our district] began the year without a pupil accounting department and a brand new registration product. We were in crisis mode trying to keep up with required downloads, data cleanup and numerous other issues that need to be completed through PowerSchool.

Throughout the whole process, Christian and Jan were professional, pleasant and respectful. But most of all patient. Very patient. You have a couple of really great employees. I would recommend Macro Connect to everyone at the next PSUG conference! Thank you for all your help. I can truly say [we] survived!

Diane S.

Secretary to Assistant Principle & Pupil Accounting Secretary

Our 10-Day Worksheet

Over the years, we’ve designed a special digital tool called the “10 Day Worksheet.” This tool saves teachers an administration teams the enormous amount of time it takes to verify students who are absent on Count Day by automating the process. Instead of filling out the dreaded paper form by hand, day after day, our 10 Day Worksheet is easy to use, and easy to submit along with all your other data.

Let’s Get Started!

Do you want more confidence in your Pupil Accounting? Do you want to make sure you have the data to support the funding you need? Our team of Pupil Accounting leaders have the experience and know-how to keep you on track. Give us a call and see how Macro Connect can help you with your attendance and Count Day strategy. Together we can make sure every student counts, every time.