About Us

Our mission is to help your organization achieve
breakthrough performance through technology.

Long story short

Since 1997, Macro Connect has followed through on its mission to deliver the highest quality IT solutions to hundreds of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools in Metro Detroit and around the country.  As an embodiment of our obsession with customer service, all consultants are employees and not contractors. Every Macro Connect consultant commits to participating in weekly status meetings with their teams, quarterly reviews with their managers, annual goal-setting, and 100 hours of professional development per year.

Knowing Your Needs

The breadth of services we offer to the industry and the products we seek to develop sets us apart from other boutique technology consulting firms.

Top Quality

We couple a high level of skill and training with a deep commitment to our clients’ success. Because of this, we are able to deliver on what we promise.

Community Oriented

We work closely with our clients to the point where we are often seen as members of their leadership teams. We cherish this role and the trust it indicates.

We run our company using principles gleaned from some of the highest performing companies in the world. In doing so, we maintain incredibly high standards for our results internally and within the community.

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

EOS is a set of concepts and tools that focuses our organizational energy around a common vision, traction in achieving that vision, and the health of our business.

Small Giants

A Small Giant is a purpose-driven company, that chooses to be great instead of big. Fundamentally this means putting our employees and our community first while in pursuit of our organizational goals.

Great Game of Business

We are an open-book management company, meaning we share our financial information with all of our employees. This empowers everyone to act with a greater sense of responsibility and ownership of our results.

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