A couple weeks back, our team of technology experts (a baker’s dozen of Macro Connecters), got together after hours to mold 100+ Double Chocolate Macro Mint cookies for the Michigan Pupil Accounting & Attendance Association’s (MPAAA) annual team building and cookie exchange event. The MPAAA executive board is comprised of pupil accountants, pupil accounting auditors and school administrators from all over the state – our own Christian Anderson is on the board as the Sargent at Arms.

The Double Chocolate Macro Mint cookies were prepared correctly and submitted on-time by all in attendance (puns intended).

Not to be outdone, just days later our resident coffee roasters met to hand-roast 20 pounds of coffee. Another core value of ours, tenacity, was key – it turns out 20 pounds of coffee takes hours to roast when you only have two regular sized pots and an oven.


Not to mention, most apartments aren’t designed with coffee roasting in mind. Our team and Matt’s apartment probably still smell like coffee! In the end, it is one of our greatest pleasures to participate in activities like these. We love playing a part in our clients’ successes with and without technology, and finding fun ways to give back is part of our commitment to community-mindedness.

From our team of technology experts to your team of coffee drinking, cookie eating go-getters, we wish you the happiest of holidays!