Turning an Idea Into a Dream

The Small Giants Community was nothing but an idea back in 2006 when founder Paul Spiegelman read the book Small Giantsby Bo Burlingham. Spiegelman resonated with the leaders he read about and decided to reach out to Burlingham, beginning a friendship and what was later to become a learning venture. Spiegelman couldn’t shake the idea of wanting to meet business leaders like him; others who would appreciate the philosophies identified in Small Giants. Together, the two made the fantasy of establishing a community for like-minded leaders into a reality. The community serves as a place for people in business to share their best practices,  work through solutions to common challenges, and inspire each other through mentorship.

Small Giants offer different learning experiences like Fishbowls, which are hour-long, discussion-based webinars that are guided by someone within the professional community. Business leaders can also undertake one or two year journeys with other leaders to learn more from other small giants and become Small Giants certified leaders. They also organize virtual peer groups, which are 90-minute conversations that take place once a month, giving members time to connect with each other, share ideas, ask questions, and incorporate shared strategies into their own business.


Bringing a Community Together

One of the largest events of the year for the Small Giants Community is their Small Giants Summit. This year’s Summit took place in Detroit, Michigan and Macro Connect was awarded the honor of being a part of it. Macro Connect has been a part of the organization for a number of years, as all of the members of the leadership team have read Bo Burlingham’s book Small Giants,and believe in the integration of the philosophies. Our Co-founder and CEO, Matthew Morin, along with our Finance and Human Resource Director, Dough Marsh participated in a year-long local Small Giants group where they visited other Small Giants and met regularly to discuss how we run our business and collectively solve problems. Doug now meets virtually with Small Giant members all over the country each month to share ideas.

Macro Connect loves being a part of the Small Giants Community because of how easy it is to access other business leaders who are always open to sharing new perspectives. Doug noted that from the two conferences he’s attended his greatest takeaways were learning about employee engagement and creating an intentional culture that benefits employees. He also relished the opportunities to interact with and ask questions of leaders from business leaders from a variety of industries from companies that vary greatly in size.  Some Small Giants have just a few employees and modest revenue, while others have hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Macro Connect has Open Book Management based on The Great Game of Businessand EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System)  based on Tractionas key tools to run our business. Many other Small giants are also practitioners of Open Book management and utilize EOS. Being able to connect with leaders in similar positions allows for great insight into the behind the scenes operations of successfully run companies that use the same tools.

Aside from attending this year’s summit, Macro Connect played a vital role in the agenda. On day four, Macro Connect was selected as one of the three companies based in Detroit that were visited by the summit attendees for a “Day of Mojo”. The attendees were each assigned to one of the three companies to visit and spend two hours with their host. Macro Connect was able to host 20 Small Giants that came from all over the country.

The attendees were first given a tour around Hunt Street Station and were then brought up to the third floor for a presentation. The presentation gave the Small Giants an overview of the background of Hunt Street Station and then dove into what makes Macro Connect unique from a cultural and operational standpoint. We introduced our Code to Compose program to provide an example of how we’re making our vision a reality, and then finished off with a panel of Macro Connect employees and a customer who has become a close partner who were able to answer questions from the attendees. It was a true honor to be involved in Small Giants “Day of Mojo” and have our presentation so well received from leaders off all industries and locations.

An overall successful summit, we look forward to many more great opportunities with the Small Giants Community.