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Simple checklists to guide you through a complex job.

Detroit PowerSchool Summit

The Detroit PowerSchool Summit will take place on Wednesday November 6th and Thursday November 7th at the Macro Connect Headquarters. The curriculum will focus on three of the most critical and widely used features including Gradebook, Start/End of Year Tasks, and PowerScheduler. It will be an intimate and exclusive opportunity to dive deep into PowerSchool’s SIS capabilities.

School Safety Checklist

An integrated security infrastructure is stronger than the sum of its parts. These questions were designed to help you take a step back and think about how your school security features protect your staff and students.

IT Checklist

A proactive, results-oriented approach to IT is the foundation of a true technology strategy. This guide was developed to help you assess your current model for IT operations.

Virtual School Support Checklist

If you have an established virtual learning program or are thinking about starting one, here are some key questions to ask about your program to ensure it’s meeting all of the requirements.

EOY Data Checklist

It takes a lot of work to prepare for the next school year and the summer goes by fast. This guide was developed to help you assess your level of preparation for the fall.

Compliance & State Reporting Support Services

Save time, and maximize funding by collecting and submitting clean, correct data with the help of Macro Connect’s Compliance and State Reporting Support Services.


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