If you own a business you probably know how important your data is, and you probably also know that technology can give you a one up in your industry. However, the question is, are you using information technology to your advantage? This is a question we encourage all business owners to ask themselves, because if you aren’t, then you could set yourself up for a series of problems in the future.


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If You Don’t Backup Your Data Your Business Could be Vulnerable

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost all of your data? It would probably mean you would lose a lot of important information like client addresses, account numbers, and even billing information. Think about this for just a moment. Just the mere thought of a disaster like this will probably make you burst into a cold sweat. If you are a small business, or even if you are a larger business who isn’t backing up your information on the cloud, then you could definitely be at risk for data loss, and it could leave a serious dent in your bottom line. You might have thought backing up your data on the cloud, or hiring an Information Technology company like Macro Connect is a great idea, but too costly. We’re here to tell you it isn’t. When your business faces risks like these, it’s important to stay prepared for unseen events like these so that your business won’t be affected at all.



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Do You Know About Data Compliance Laws?

Even if you consider yourself a small business you are still subject to data compliance laws, especially in the healthcare industry. Revealing data, or sending information that could violate HIPPA laws could land you in serious trouble and cause you thousands of dollars. This is another great reason to get information from an Information Technology company you can trust. A good IT company will make sure you aren’t unwillingly leaking your valuable information to unknown cyber criminals. An Information Technology provider can give you a new sense of well-being when you know your business is prepared for just about anything. Cyber criminals are always trying to stay one step ahead of companies and law enforcement when it comes to stealing data, and having an extra layer of protection by itself can justify the costs associated with hiring an IT company of your choice.



Keeping Your Data Safe is Harder Than Ever

The digital world can be a scary place, and new cyber criminals populate the world we call the internet each and everyday. However, their attacks can go way beyond just hacking into your systems or secretly implanting spyware. Even opening a single E-mail can unleash a hurricane of destruction to all of the computers connected to your network. In last week’s article we discussed SpyWare to a varying degree, but did you know there are several other ways you can put yourself at risk to cyber attacks? With technology that allows us to send thousands of e-mails at a time, it makes life easy for cyber attacks known as Phishing. This type of attack usually starts out with a person sending you what seems like a harmless e-mail, or posing as a representative of a reputable company and then they might start asking you for more personal information in their follow-up e-mails. Don’t become a victim, and look for these red flags to prepare yourself.

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