If you own a business you already know how tempting it can be to outsource work overseas for the sake of cost. However, have you stopped to think about what you are doing to your local economy? Small businesses in Detroit, and all across of America are struggling to stay competitive in the tech space due to Indian companies that offer extremely low rates.


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Reliable Service is Your Key to Success

One very big problem that many companies and other small businesses face when outsourcing IT services is that most of these offshore companies have very poor customer support, and many of them will not provide quality services. Also, many of these so called “professionals” are not usually qualified to deal with complex IT issues, and you could also run the risk of your precious data being seen (which it will) by prying eyes.


Ask Yourself These Questions Before Outsourcing IT Services.

  • Will the cheaper cost really help my business?
  • Is this company really qualified to handle my network and database problems?
  • How responsive is their tech support?
  • Will they be able to handle IT emergencies?
  • How are their online reviews? Have I done my homework on this company?
  • Why should I outsource my IT problems to a company overseas when I can find one locally?
  • Can they handle unique information systems?
  • Can their team provide me with a portfolio of their work, certifications, and qualifications?


What Do You Think You Should Do?

After you take a moment or two to ask yourself the above questions, please sit down and list all of the pros and cons to hiring a local IT company and then write down the pros and cons of hiring an overseas IT company. Many people only look at the dollar amount when signing contracts, and they are usually thinking they are getting the best bang for their buck; but, in reality, they usually get sub par work that can cause them a lot of extra headaches in the long run. Besides countless headaches, many people also find out that these “overseas companies” end up costing them a substantial amount of money in long term situations as well, and they usually end up hiring a local company instead. Interested in how much India and other companies make off of the IT industry in America? Visit Statista for more information. The findings will probably surprise you.