Best in class Cyber Security training to help your school safe from digital threats

We are excited to offer the powerful capabilities of usecure to your school or district. usecure is a global provider of innovative cybersecurity awareness solutions that center around empowering users to make better security decisions in their everyday life. Their platform tests, assesses, and trains staff on their cyber security habits so that they can become a security asset to your organization instead of a liability. The usecure training platform focuses on a four-stage approach:


usecure starts by evaluating staff member’s cyber security knowledge and habits. This stage assesses each user’s specific vulnerabilities across 12 different domains: Phishing, Secure Passwords, Physical Security, Home Security, Working Remotely, Public WiFi, Social Engineering, Social media, Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security, Removable Media, and Internet & Email Usage.


Once a user’s risk level is determined, usecure sends individually-tailored training modules to help them improve where they are lacking. Training is broken up into digestible modules so that you can work them into your schedule and retain the information to build new habits.


As part of the program, users are given secret tests on their new skills. These simulated attacks give them the opportunity to demonstrate their new found cyber security knowledge without the risk of an actual breach. Their performance is documented and tracked over time with the goal of steady improvement.


Throughout the year, your designated leadership team receives detailed reports on how employees are performing, learning, and growing as cyber security assets. If individuals are not completing the prescribed training or continue to fall short in certain security categories, you will have the information you need to address it directly.

Let’s Get Started!

Now is the best time to start taking Cyber Security seriously. The problems and risks are only going to grow in the future. If you’re ready to start the conversation, reach out to our Client Solutions team to see how your school or company can start benefiting from the usecure platform. We’ll help you put together a security scorecard so that you can see your real risk exposure. Empowered by that knowledge, you can put an action plan in place and become a more secure organization so that you don’t end up a headline in the rising tide of digital fraud and theft.