Different Types of Back-To-School Plans

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Education, General

Every state, city, and school district is in a mad dash to decide what school will look like this fall. Will students learn in person? Will they learn virtually? A hybrid model? And then there are the questions about the effect of each style of instruction for different age children. High School and older Middle School students may be able to learn effectively from home, but can elementary school students be expected to sit in front of a computer for hours? And of course all of this is happening under a rapidly evolving pandemic with uncertain health risks for teachers, students, administrators, and families. It’s no wonder there isn’t a simple solution.

While we’re not in a position to make any decisions, we have kept our eyes and ears open to the different options being discussed. If you’re looking for some additional perspective, we’ve compiled a few different articles, resources, and published guidelines that may help inform your conversations as your school decides how to best serve your community.

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What The Biggest Districts Are Doing

CNN.com recently published an article about what the top 15 US school districts are currently discussing or planning. Many are committed to online only learning, but a few will offer a hybrid model for some students. Take a look at the article at the button below.

Grand Blanc’s Hybrid Learning Plan

Michigan’s Grand Blanc Community schools have developed a hybrid learning model with an A/B rotation to use during Phase 4 of the Michigan Recovery. In this style of learning, the A Group students will come to school on Mondays and Thursdays with the B Group learning from home. On Tuesdays and Fridays the B Group of students will come into school with the A Group learning from home. On Wednesdays, everyone will learn from home.

If Michigan moves backward into Phase 3 or lower, they will transtion to all online learning, but if we move into Phase 5 or 6, all students will return to school in person, full time. Take a look at their comprehensive plan overview at the link below.

Walled Lake’s Detailed Virtual Learning Plan

Another Michigan district, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, has committed to either 100% virtual learning or 100% in person and published a guide, detailing exactly what that will look like for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. If you are considering a 100% Virtual Learning model, this may help you decide how to adjust and set expectations for different age students.

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We will continue to add information to this post as it comes out, but as you can see, there is already a great diversity of thought about the best way to serve the needs of everyone involved in education. From Virtual to Hybrid to In-Person, we know your district will make the best decision you can. We hope that these references provide good food for though to help you arrive at an informed decision.  If you have any questions about technology to support some degree of Virtual Learining, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our Edtech experts below!

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