PowerSchool is the leading provider of K-12 education application technology. Their cutting-edge Student Information System empowers thousands of educators to deliver an outstanding education to millions of students. With that dedication to innovation and education excellence comes a dedication to the teachers and administrators who use PowerSchool technology daily. PowerSchool provides a multitude of rigorous training opportunities, both indirectly through Certified Service Partners like Macro Connect, but also directly through their live training events like PowerSchool University.

Events like PowerSchool University are scheduled across the country, throughout the year. They are four days of intense instruction and hands on labs, coupled with amazing opportunities for networking within the education industry. At Macro Connect, we understand how valuable this experience can be, but also understand that admission and travel expenses can make it inaccessible to some. With both Macro Connect and PowerSchool’s desire to help educators make the most of PowerSchool technology and push the limits of academic achievement, we partnered to create an exciting opportunity.

The Midwest’s First Detroit PowerSchool Summit

Macro Connect is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the first ever Detroit PowerSchool Summit right here in our hometown. That’s right! This November, PowerSchool is bringing their official training curriculum to your backyard in a high quality, lower cost format.

To make it more relevant to more people, the curriculum will focus on three of the most critical and widely used features including Gradebook, Start/End of Year Tasks, and PowerScheduler. It will be an intimate and exclusive opportunity to dive deep into PowerSchool’s SIS capabilities and spots are already filling up so read on to learn more and contact us today to reserve your seat!

Register for the Detroit PowerSchool Summit

Register now for this exciting event. Space is limited and spots are filling up so reserve your seat today.

When & Where?

The Detroit PowerSchool Summit will take place on Wednesday November 6th and Thursday November 7th. Classes will be held at the Macro Connect headquarters in Hunt Street Station at 2200 Hunt St, Detroit, MI 48207. That’s just northeast of downtown off Gratiot, near Eastern Market.

Classes will be small enough so that attendees can really get to know each other and their instructors and so instructors can address the individual needs of everyone in the room. The days will be divided up into morning and afternoon sessions of about three hours each. After breakfast, morning sessions will start at 8am and conclude at 11am. Between sessions, there will be an extended lunchtime, catered by local Detroit restaurants, offering an opportunity to catch up on emails and network with other attendees. The afternoon session will begin at 1pm and conclude at 4pm.

A Three-Track Curriculum

For this PowerSchool Summit, we’ll be narrowing the focus of our curriculum to widely used, core PowerSchool features including: Gradebook, Start/End of Year Tasks, and PowerScheduler.

We’re calling each one of these topic areas “Tracks” and attendees will need to register for them in advance so that we can make sure the classes remain small. As you continue reading, you’ll see that each session of each track will be different. You can choose to attend four sessions of the same track if you want to really dive deep. Or you can cherry pick the individual sessions from each track that most apply to you. Please note that Track 3 is only offered on Wednesday and you must take both the am and pm courses. But otherwise you’re free to pick and choose your Tracks and Sessions as you please!

Track 1: Gradebook in Powerschool SIS

The first track is all about the gradebook and will be divided into four parts: Setting up Grading, Working in the Gradebook Parts 1 and 2, and Working with Student Contacts in PowerSchool SIS.

Wednesday AM: Setting Up Grading in PowerSchool SIS

Learn how to set up grading preferences for PowerTeacher Pro and Unified Classroom as a district administrator and a school administrator. Explore how to create district-level calculation formulas and assignment categories for teachers. Also learn how to set up grading preferences for both standards-based and traditional grading.

Wednesday PM: PowerTeacher Pro: Working in the Gradebook (Part One)

Discover PowerSchool’s HTML-based gradebook and its robust functionality for managing the classroom, including advanced features for both standards-based and traditional grading. Learn how teachers use the mobile-friendly gradebook to set up default preferences, create assignment categories, and work with assignments.

Thursday AM: PowerTeacher Pro: Working in the Gradebook (Part Two)

In this course, learn how teachers use PowerTeacher Pro to analyze individual student performance and class progress on both traditional and standards grades. Also learn how to run the reports included in the gradebook.

Thursday PM: Working with Student Contacts in PowerSchool SIS

In this course, learn how the new student contacts feature added to PowerSchool 12.0 modernizes how you track relationships between contacts and students. Learn how to search for and add parents and guardians, as well as associate several other contacts to student records such as emergency contacts and daycare providers. Learn how student contact data is migrated and how to consolidate contact records. Also learn how to access contact data using data access tags (DATs) and how to import and export contact information.

Track 2: Start & End of the Year

The second track covers topics necessary to start and end each school year well. It can also be divided into four topics including: Managing Staff and Students, Using System Reports, and Deciphering and Using PowerSchool Codes.

Wednesday AM: End of Year/Start of Year

Learn the tasks required before you run the End of Year (EOY) process, how to validate and run EOY, and how to prepare for the upcoming school year. Learn how running EOY impacts your PowerSchool system, how to prepare your district, school, and student data, and why you must store final grades, run GPAs and other reports, and print report cards and transcripts prior to EOY. When the End of Year process is complete, learn how to prepare for the next school year by verifying district and school settings, the school schedule, attendance setup, and student data. Identify helpful searches and reports for locating data discrepancies.

Wednesday PM: Managing Staff and Students

Learn how to work with staff records and manage student performance. Learn how to add and edit staff records, format security settings, use the staff directory, and assign co-teachers. View teacher schedules, enrollments, and gradebooks. Then view student records, work with student contacts, identify which students are at risk, and analyze trends in student performance. Finally, learn how to track student discipline.

Thursday AM: Using System Reports

Learn about PowerSchool reports you will use throughout the year. Practice setting up and creating various system reports using some basic PowerSchool codes and HTML codes. Featured reports include the Class Roster report, Absentee report, Consecutive Absences report, report cards, grade verification reports, failure lists, and mail-merge letters. This course is a review of IPT topics.

Thursday PM: Decipher and Use PowerSchool Codes

Get acquainted with a variety of codes you can use in PowerSchool GPA calculations, reports, and export templates. Understand and use PowerSchool codes in tasks such as creating folder labels with student information, student lists with schedule information, and export templates with student test scores. Also work with student contacts data access tags and format codes to add GPA information to the Cumulative Info student page.

Track 3: PowerScheduler

We talk a lot about PowerScheduler here at Macro Connect, probably because it’s so critical to the administration of your school. That’s why we’ve made sure to include a track dedicated to PowerScheduler that will cover both the Load Process and the Visual Scheduler tool. Please note that Track 3 is only offered on Wednesday and you must take both the morning and afternoon courses.

Wednesday AM: PowerScheduler Load Process 1-Day

This course is designed for school staff who have extensive scheduling knowledge and have either used PowerScheduler previously or have loaded a schedule using a scheduling engine in the past. Explore the setup that needs to be completed prior to running a load with PowerScheduler.

Wednesday PM: PowerScheduler: Visual Scheduler

Discover PowerScheduler’s dynamic scheduling grid: Visual Scheduler. In the first half of this course, explore the different functions in Visual Scheduler. Learn how to filter and sort your scheduling data and practice making schedule changes. Then, for the second half, set up PowerScheduler so you can use the scheduling tool.

Intensive Training with Local Experts

This PowerSchool Summit will be guided by PowerSchool’s curriculum, and taught by Macro Connects team of experts. Built from previous educators, and decades long of SIS experience, our school data team is uniquely qualified to provide direct instruction to educators on behalf of PowerSchool. And just to be doubly clear, this is not a PSUG Event. We’ll announce details of our involvement in upcoming PSUG Michigan events later this year, but this Detroit PowerSchool Summit is an official PowerSchool event and we couldn’t be more excited!

Reserve Your Seat Now

Detroit’s PowerSchool Summit doesn’t begin for another five months but seats are limited and already filling up. We encourage every school or district using PowerSchool to send a representative to take advantage of this unique, local opportunity. Hands-on training is the essential ingredient in mastering PowerSchool and is the key to working smarter, not harder. This comprehensive training course is designed for all experience levels and positions including principals, counselors, registrars, and department heads.

Register for the Detroit PowerSchool Summit

Register now for this exciting event. Space is limited and spots are filling up so reserve your seat today.