The world of information technology can be a scary one if you aren’t up to date on all of your tech talk, so the guys and I here at Macro Connect decided it would be a good idea to address our customers and the readers of our blog about some of the most common questions our customers have about information technology. We hope you enjoy!

public restaurant

Why Shouldn’t I Use Public Internet or Wi-Fi?

To many people this is probably very easy to answer, but still, it is a question we get asked a lot, so we’re going to inform you anyways. If you are using a business device that contains sensitive data at a public location you could be putting yourself at risk for prying eyes to leech that information off of your device. Most public Wi-Fi is pretty much made public in the sense that anyone and everyone can connect without requiring any type of password authentication. You also have to remember that many public restaurants or businesses also have very lax security when it comes to their public networks. Do yourself a favor and don’t risk logging on to any public internet.

What About Using a Public Computer to Check my E-mail?

This too is a bad idea. If you aren’t careful you might end up getting your username and password keylogged by the very same public computer you are using. We try and make business owners very aware of this, especially when they ask if a library is a safe place to check their e-mails or other business accounts. We would also recommend the same advice if you are thinking about purchasing something online with a personal account of yours as well. JUST DON’T DO IT.

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Will You Protect My Company From Hackers?

Our primary job as it specialists is to maintain the integrity and privacy of all your data that is being transmitted to and from your network. So, the short answer is, yes we do protect you and your company from hackers and data thieves. When configuring any type of network we have certain protections that are set in place specifically for your business so this “would be” problem has a very minimal chance of ever becoming a “real problem” at all.

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What Do You Mean There Are Laws Involving Data?

When you own your own business and transmitting someone’s personal data, there are several laws you should be acquainted with. The laws will vary depending on who or what information you are transmitting. For example, as yourself this, does the information you have consist of data about students, patients, clients, military or government officials? Below we have compiled a small list for you to take a look at, and if any of these look familiar to you, then you should probably brush up on them. If you don’t, you could risk getting fined, jailed, or even losing your business entirely.