HelpDesk Support

Responsive and friendly support to keep your workday on track.

Friendly Service

When you’re having technology issues, there’s nothing worse than an irritated know-it-all on the other end of the phone making you feel like it’s your fault. You’re not the IT expert, they are! And it’s supposed to be a HelpDesk, not a ShameDesk.

Macro Connect’s HelpDesk is friendly, supportive, and understands that you really only contact them when you’re frustrated or in a bind. We consider it a privilege to help resolve your problem and get you back to doing what’s important; running a business and serving your customers.

Responsive Support

Time is our most limited resource so you can count on our HelpDesk to get back to you quickly. Our team is standing by to assist, Monday-Friday, from 8am-9pm. Many issues can be resolved in just a few minutes. Larger problems are quickly flagged by our team so that we can allocate the appropriate resources. No matter what, we keep you informed and aware of the process so that you’re never left in the dark.

Effective Solutions

We provide more than fast solutions. We provide the right solutions. Getting back to you in 5 minutes with the wrong answer just wastes more time and adds another layer of frustration. Our team is dedicated to quality more than anything else. If it will take a few extra minutes to triple-check our solution to be confident that the issue has been completely resolved, we consider it an investment in excellence.

Easy to Contact

Our team is easy to contact and can be reached in multiple ways. You can always contact us directly by email. You can also call us at the number listed below. And you can always chat with us on any page throughout the site.

  • Submit a Ticket: Use our Client Portal
  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 578-7976
  • Chat: Click the chat tool in the bottom right corner of the page

Let’s Get Started!

Do you need a technology partner with a HelpDesk you can rely on in a pinch? Someone you can message or call who sounds like they’re excited to help fix your problem? Macro Connect is here for you! Give us a call to see how we can be your business’s go-to resource for HelpDesk support!