Disaster Recovery & Backup

A safe copy of your data and a strategic plan to get back to work quickly

Every business needs both a Backup and Disaster Recovery. Some may use these terms interchangeably, but there’s an important difference. Secure Backup is simply a protected copy of all your data, from sales prospects and financial information to legal documents and proprietary technology. Disaster Recovery is a detailed strategic plan for how you will resume operations after a physical incident like a flood or a Cyber Security attack. A copy of your data won’t help if you don’t have a plan for how to get your entire IT environment up and running in the first place. Macro Connect offers both of these solutions so that you can always have confidence in your ability to keep business running smoothly.

Secure Business Data Backup

Your Business Data is essential to your mission and operations. It’s also in need of protection. Not only is it at risk from physical threats like fire, flood, or power surges, but it’s a highly-coveted prize for Cyber Criminals. If something happened to your Data, you would have a very hard time keeping your doors open. And if it was stolen in a Phishing scam, or taken hostage in a Ransomware attack, you could lose millions of dollars. Macro Connect’s Data Backup solutions make sure there’s always a current copy of your valuable data saved in a secure off-site location beyond the reach of any physical or cyber threat.

Business Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a contingency plan, a continuity of operations plan, and it has four key components. Our team of technology experts will walk your leadership team through each so that you can build a solid disaster recovery plan and be better prepared to resume normal business operations after a disaster like a fire or a ransomware attack.

Operations Impact

How will different risks affect your business’s ability to function?

Recovery Steps

What are the step-by-step plans for the scenarios you’re most likely to encounter?

Leadership Identification

Who will you trust and delegate responsibility to in the event of a disaster?

Staff Training

Does everyone else know what to expect during the recovery process?

Let’s Get Started!

Every business and organization needs a strong Disaster Recovery Plan and a secure place to store their valuable Data. Macro Connect’s comprehensive solutions help you accomplish both. With a large team of technology experts available, we can help you craft a customized and affordable solution to keep your business operational no matter what happens. Contact us using one of the options below and start enhancing your stability today!