Audit & Assessment

Comprehensive system analysis with sound strategic and tactical recommendations

To take control of your business’s IT environment, you need to understand every element. Macro Connect’s Technical Alignment Managers (TAMs) routinely conduct exhaustive audits of your entire IT environment. Then they use the results to provide a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and sort them into low, medium, and high priority projects.

Technical Alignment Manager

A Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) is one of Macro Connect expert IT leaders. They work closely with every client to conduct regular auditing and assessments. Throughout the relationship, TAMs develop an intimate knowledge of client IT environments and help develop new ideas and solutions.

Cyber Security Auditing (TAM Report)

The TAM Report is the comprehensive auditing document used by Technical Alignment Managers to assess client IT environments. Each TAM Report contains hundreds of questions, detailing every aspect of technology from device components and networking hardware to Cyber Security strategy and data storage. They also help prioritize future projects based. Once a TAM Report is complete, the Technical Alignment Manager schedules a meeting to review the results with their client and then share the recommended improvements.

Project Scheduling & Implementation

Depending on the scale and priority of the proposed projects, the Technical Alignment Manager also prepares a timeline, sorting the projects into a month-by-month timeline. These timelines help clients manage both the IT budget and the time investment for their own involvement in the work. Project schedules are updated each month to reflect completed projects and new priorities.

Let’s Get Started!

It’s time you had a comprehensive understanding of your IT environment and an expert partner to help you understand what’s working well and what needs improvement. A Macro Connect Technical Alignment Manager can help you do just that. Reach out to start your first Audit and Assessment process and see what your TAM report looks like today!