We all have probably had spyware on our home computers at some point or another, and nothing probably happened when your home computer was infected, but do you know why? Before we get into that, I want to briefly explain what spyware actually is for those of you who have never encountered it, or have never heard of it.

SpyWare Explained

Spyware is any type of software that allows an unknown user to transmit data or information from your hard drive back to their computer. Most spyware is used to steal passwords, credit cards, and personal information like social security numbers and so on and so forth. If your computer, or network of computers becomes infected with SpyWare, then it could lead to huge problems later on down the road. Users who have compromised your systems can run up credit card bills, steal your identity, and even empty your bank accounts if you have that information stored somewhere on your computer.

Businesses Are Most at Risk

Okay, so let’s go back to our earlier statement about how most home computers aren’t really what these malicious data thieves are really targeting, and I will explain. Most home computers usually do not have confidential banking information, or credit card numbers on them, which renders most attacks useless. However, SpyWare should always be removed as soon as possible to minimize any further risk to any future information you might load onto your system.

That being said, let’s talk about the real target of SpyWare, and that is business computers, or more importantly, business computers linked together on a network. Most businesses keep some of their most sensitive material on their network of computers, and that is why any business should keep their computers clean from SpyWare at all times. If you think your business computers are infected with spyware you can always contact us and we can help keep your computers free from this malicious software at all times.

You Should Never Sacrifice Your Security

Keeping on top of your digital security is one of the most important things you can do to have the peace of mind that your business won’t be subject to malicious hackers or unwanted data intrusions. We advise all businesses to have 24/7 IT Support to minimize this risk, and eliminate threats before they start. The last thing you want as a business owner is your precious data ending up in the wrong hands.