Our Values

Macro Connect is a Values-Based organization; a business with a human purpose

Macro Connect’s culture is built around a firm set of core values. Throughout the years, as we have grown, expanded our services, moved to new locations, and hired dozens of employees, we have always kept our values front and center. When we hire new team members we look for these qualities. And when it’s time to recognize each other, we do so for exemplifying the following:


We do what we say. We honor our commitments. We can be relied upon. And we do the right thing. Every time.


We’re life-long learners. Education doesn’t stop with a degree or a certificate. Success is built on ever-expanding expertise.

Relentlessly Positive

Attitude matters. That’s why we cultivate a positive workplace and keep our focus on what’s possible.


When things get tough, we get tougher. Early morning. Late nights. Impossible assignments. We dig in and get it done.


Attention to detail is paramount. We make sure to double and triple check our work so you know you can depend on us.


A rising tide raises all ships and no man is an island. We’re part of Detroit and Detroit is part of us.