The Boulevard


A Macro Connect Business Case Study.


In a tough rental marketplace, Ken Koss, the owner of The Boulevard, was searching for ways to build revenue by making his complex more attractive to potential furnished and unfurnished tenants. The Boulevard already had a beautiful clubhouse, a full fitness center, and a sparkling swimming pool, so the choice of new amenities wasn’t clear.

Macro Connect built and managed a wireless network that enables The Boulevard Apartments to provide its tenants with high-speed wireless Internet access. Access is available in every room of all 256 apartments in the complex as well as in the clubhouse and on the pool deck.


Koss, who used a wireless network in the management office and at home, understood the value and convenience that wireless broadband provides. So, when Macro Connect approached The Boulevard with the idea of using wireless to provide Internet access to their tenants, the choice of new amenities became much clearer. Because, unlike a swimming pool or tennis court, wireless can help pay for itself.

The Boulevard didn’t have a technology staff, so Macro Connect provided an end-to-end, turnkey solution. We designed and implemented the network and we currently provide installation and day-to-day support for the users. The Boulevard is responsible for monthly billing and marketing.

Since beginning to market the wireless service in late 2003, The Boulevard has added about 15 customers per month. They have also had at least two potential tenants sign longterm leases because they offered Internet service and competing properties did not.



Unique amenity – Providing tenants with wireless access differentiates your property from its competition


New incentive – Instead of offering potential tenants free rent, offer free Internet to close the deal


Revenue stream – Selling Internet access provides your property with an additional source of income

Quote: “I’ll be talking to prospective tenants and they pull out a list. And right up there with being close to shopping and other community attractions I can see they’ve written down ‘Internet access.’ I think it’s as much an essential these days as air conditioning.”Ken Koss, owner of The Boulevard Apartments

“Macro Connect has been extremely valuable to us in that they keep our technology operations both current and running smoothly.

Laurie J. Amalfitano

Office Manager, King Coil- Comfort Mattress Co.


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