Custom Web Based Software: Sailing Scheduler

A Macro Connect Business Case Study.



The demands on the time of a sailboat skipper are intense. Many skippers have full time jobs in high profile industries and don’t have time to waste on scheduling and reminding their crew of events. However, until recently, the best tools for managing the scheduling process were spreadsheets, the telephone, and manual e-mails. Use of these tools yielded inefficient processes and frequent misunderstandings.

Macro Connect recognized the difficulty involved in campaigning a sailboat during the racing season and developed an online crew management system for sailboat skippers and their crew.


Both Matthew and Kevin, the founders of Macro Connect, are lifelong sailors and racers, so they have an intimate understanding of the complex organizational demands of sailboat racing. Based on this, Macro Connect designed and built Sailing Scheduler from the ground up. The website allows a skipper to choose the events his boat will participate in from a preloaded schedule and then invite his top crew. The crew then chooses the events they can attend, which allows the skipper to request substitutes as necessary. Once the schedule has been confirmed, crew members can get automatic e-mail, text message, or telephone reminders to make sure they remember the event and show up on time.


Importing local race schedules can save hours of spreadsheet data entry.
Crew status reports let you know who is available for each race and when you need a substitute.
E-mail reminders make sure your crew show up on time and ready to race.
The ability to import calendar items into popular scheduling applications like Lotus Notes and Outlook saves crew members time as well.

Quote: Great job guys, I can just download my events directly into Outlook. Your site provides a tremendous time savings! Thanks again.” Arthur Rose

Alternate application: The framework of Sailing Scheduler can be modified for use by any organization that has complex scheduling demands, including: sports teams and leagues, charity events, and corporate calendars. Sailing Scheduler is a perfect example of how Macro Connect can custom build software to meet the unique demands of any business.

“Macro Connect has been extremely valuable to us in that they keep our technology operations both current and running smoothly.
Laurie J. Amalfitano

Office Manager, King Coil- Comfort Mattress Co.


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