PowerSchool Support

Macro Connect is proud to support PowerSchool projects & implementations across the country.

Implementing the PowerSchol Student Information System provides districts with answers to questions like:

  • How close are students to reaching their performance goals?
  • Which teachers are having the greatest impact on their students?
  • When and where do most discipline issues happen in your school?
  • Where should I focus my marketing efforts?
  • Where should I be spending my professional development dollars?

PowerSchool’s PowerTeacher Pro provides a more robust reporting system for teachers and administrators, with easy access to grades, report card upgrades and unique app integrations with common devices that engage families with easy to manage data points.

Educators moving over from the traditional PowerTeacher Gradebook system will love how seamleslly PowerTeacher Pro handles standards-based grading,  data visualization, and district-specific customizations. That’s because this version of one of the most widely used student information systems was built on feedback from teachers!

Macro Connect provides implementation, training, customization, auditing, and ongoing PowerSchool administration services to districts large and small.

Support for SIS integrations


Best practices in leveraging PT Pro reporting


Report card and standards-based grading customizations


PowerSchool system configuration and data quality audits


Teachers gain confidence with easy to use reporting and students experience growth with Powerschool’s digital classroom capabilities. Real-time communications empower families across any device.  Powerschool’s platform is more than administrative software; it is an intuitive teaching & learning platform that puts powerful insights into the hands of schools and districts. Our services are designed to make sure every district maximizes their return on this essential technology investment.

Our results speak for themselves, reach out to us today to learn more!

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