Code to Compose

Introducing coding concepts in a unique way.

Learn, code, compose

Code to Compose (C2C) introduces young people to the world of computer programming by allowing them to create their own original music. C2C strives to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences by emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and fun!
The curriculum is built around a computer application called Sonic Pi that translates code written in the Ruby programming language into awesome music. Students begin in their workbooks by gaining familiarity with Sonic Pi, transposing common melodies, gradually learning increasingly advanced coding commands, and ultimately composing their own original piece of music for their final project!

With C2C, students are allowed (and often encouraged) to make mistakes in a project based learning framework. The exercises and knowledge checks are open ended and there’s rarely a single correct answer. As a result, students feel like their work is truly their own – something they can take pride in.

  • Recommended Grade Level: 6th– 12th
  • Number of Lessons: 6 + 3 Final Projects
  • Total Instructional Hours: 10+
  • Subject Fit: Technology, Music, Elective, Club, After-school

As a teacher, you receive:

Personalized Professional Development

Engage with a C2C Professional Learning

Multi-Disciplinary STEAM Curriculum


Code to Compose Curriculum


Class Set of Student Workbooks


Quick Start Guide & Lesson Plans


One-on-one Professional Development

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